Kalkan Vacation Apartment
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Within easy reach of the centre of Kalkan, Villa Nena offers superb accommodation with stunning views of the harbour, sea views and surrounding hills. We have all the facilities you would come to expect for a relaxing and enjoyable holiday. Divided onto three spacious floors, Villa Nena can accommodate up to 10 people in comfort and style, offering five bedrooms, lounge areas on each floor, two kitchens with cooking facilities, three bathrooms, private balcony's and roof terrace. The maintained gardens have two lawns, large swimming pool and vegetable area in which you pick your own fresh fruit and veg ! Ample spaces in this luxurious villa is it's main feature with all the modern conveniences of home. With two separate kitchens and dinning areas, three lounge areas and ample sleeping accommodation this villa is ideal for sharing families. Each floor also boasts its own bathroom facilities. Each bedroom offers comfortable surroundings and ample storage facilities. First and second floor bedrooms have full length patio doors leading to private balconies offering wonderful views of the Kalkan bay. During the summer months air-conditioning guarantees a peaceful nights rest. Villa Nena boasts three lounge areas and two cooking / kitchen facilities. Washing machine and dishwasher are also provided on the ground floor. The upper "Turkish" lounge can also double up as additional sleeping accommodation increasing capacity to 12 people. Soke up the sun in our pleasant garden. Which offers lawns, large patio area, B-B-Q facilities and luxurious swimming pool. All furniture including dining area for up to 10 people are provided. The secluded roof terrace also offers additional private bathing with breath taking views of the bay

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Kalkan Apartments